Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ubuntu: How to convert from/to mp3,ogg,flac,aac

Here is the tutorial for how to convert from/to ogg,mp3,flac,aac file formats.

First install the programmes zenity,ffmpeg

sudo apt-get install zenity ffmpeg

Then download the script called


sudo chmod +x


Press 'ok' the programme is starting to convert the files

Select type of files to be converted then press ok and select the folder, contaings mp3 songs

Press ok

Then select type of output file and press ok

Select quality of songs from the following screen

Press ok

Press Lets Rock Baby button

After conversion

For opening the folder press yes,open it

Free formats are ready to play


Anonymous said...

Mobile media converter is all that is required to do this. No ffmpeg or anything (although it uses ffmepg).

arulmozhi r said...

In this script convert the codecs by folderwise