Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ubuntu 1004: window buttons to right side via deb

Many ways to move the window button from left side to right side. But here is new way throu deb file and install .

Download the deb file from here. then double click and install.

Then goes to

Applications->Accessories->Metacity Window Buttons


Anonymous said...

Actually, you can hit alt-F2, type gconf-editor in the box, and a screen will pop up. Click on apps>metacity>general.
Scroll down until you find button layout and click on the column next to that, and change the order to :minimize, maximize, close to move them to the right. If you type menu:minimize,maximize,close you will be able to double click the title bar to maximize or shrink the window and a blank button with a dot will show on the left that gives you a number of options if you click on it. Thus, it will return to its performance in 9.10 and earlier.

arulmozhi r said...

thanks to your comments, This is one of the way to move buttons to right side